Papercuts J.P. and Our Terrible Twos

On Saturday, November 26, Papercuts will celebrate two years of independent bookselling with the announcement of their publishing venture, BADVILLE PRESS and the release of the first book by Badville Press, THE PARAGRAPHS by Rick Berlin.

Created from fragments used to write songs, this memoir recalls a life of music told in bursts of wild inspiration. Rick Berlin, the queer Boston music legend, formerly the frontman of Orchestra Luna, Berlin Airlift, Rick Berlin: The Movie, The Shelly Winters Project, and currently of The Nickel and Dime band, is known for his zany lyrics and unflinching wit. Exploring boyhood, filial relationships, animals, sex, drugs, and the dynamic social workings of Boston through the decades, Rick Berlin’s work is “uncategorizable...part punk, part musical theater, part sentimental sap, part wordplay master. Gold” (Amanda Palmer).

We can't wait to share this zany, raw memoir with the people of Boston who have spent years knowing and loving the work of Rick Berlin.  Join us November 26 to celebrate Papercuts J.P.'s Terrible Twos, Badville Press, and the publication of THE PARAGRAPHS.